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Last updated: 02/07/10

Full Moon Breakdown

  As the last two members of FMB, Joe and I are sad to say we are disbanding the group.  Jay and Dave have moved on to other projects and a final effort to reform the band sadly to say was not successful.

We would like to take this time to say how much we enjoyed playing with all of our former bandmates and how much we appreciated the time and effort they put forth to help us create a great sound.  Those were good times and we will never forget them.

We would also like to thank all of you who have ever come to a show, listened to a MP3, watched a video, visited our webpages or supported us in any way over those years.  We truly appreciate you more than you could ever realize.

As for the future, Joe and I are going to take some time out, write some music, record some songs and just follow that path wherever it may take us.

Once again we want to thank everyone for all the great memories you've given us.

See y'all around!

Mark Burgess

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For those of you that have continued to support us, we appreciate you more than you know and treasure your support, as always.    Don't forget, our goal is still and will always be to ROCK YOUR FACES OFF!

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Full Moon Breakdown




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Joey S!

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