Band Gear

Dave's Gear

DW collector series custom drums.  Broken Glass finish
DW Neal Peart Snacks and Arrows signature snare
Yamaha Steve Jordan Maple Snare
Yamaha Custom Advantage Drums
Pearl Session Custom Maple Drums
Ddrum Ash Drums (pocket set-up)
Roland and Pintech Electronic Drums
Zildjan and Sabian Cymbals 
DW Double bass pedal 
Sticks -Vic Firth Dave Weckl Signature Models. 
DW, Yamaha and Pearl Hardware 
Aces Cases

Mark's Gear



Gibson LP Classic, stock
Gibson SG '61 Reissue, stock 
Jackson SL-1, Seymour Duncan Lil 59/Duckbucker/JB (neck to bridge) pickups, custom switching 
Fender Standard Strat, TexMex pickups, MusiTech 25dB active midboost, blocked trem, brass saddles, TBX tone, MIA string trees, 100% foil shielded pickguard, shielding painted cavities 
Partsocaster Mahogany Shredder, maple bolt-on, GFS Crunchy PAT & Neovin pickups 
Partsocaster Alder Shredder, maple/ebony bolt-on, EMG SA/SA/85 pickups 
Samick SPN 4450, EMG 89/89 pickups, push/pulls, domed knobs, trem-setter 
Samick KR660AC, EMG SA/SA/89 pickups, all new pots/jack/wiring 
Samick JZ213, stock 
Raven RP300, Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates/Duncan Custom pickups, all new pots, series/parallel wiring, hatbox knobs 
Raven RP450, Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates/Screamin Demon pickups, all new pots, series/parallel wiring 
Raven RP450, GFS Fat PAF pickups, dual concentric pots, wired 50's LP style 
Raven 12 string electricGFS Mean 90 pickups 
RavenWestGuitar K2-590T, stock 
RavenWestGuitar K2-RM300, Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups, push-pull series/parallel wiring
Agile LP2000, GFS Fat PAF pickups
Agile DC2500, GFS Fat PAT pickups 
Agile PS970, Rio Grande Bastard/FatBastard P90 pickups 
Agile AS901, stock


Yamaha SLG100S Silent Steel String, stock 
Breedlove Atlas AC250/SM 12 Concert A/E, Stock 
Ibanez GA56TCE nylon A/E, stock
Ibanez GA60SCE nylon A/E, stock 
Mitchell 12 String Acoustic, LR Baggs piezo saddle pup, LR Baggs preamp


Ibanez SR300 Soundgear, stock



Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP 2024P, Multi-Effects Processor
AKG WMS40DVGB, Guitarbug Wireless System 
Vox V847 Reissue, Wah Wah Pedal


Peavey Windsor amp
Peavey Windsor 4x12 cab
Rivera Clubster 45-112 combo (main) 
Marshall AVT112, ext cab (if needed) 
Marshall AVT150, combo (backup) 
Fender Stage 185, combo (backup)

Typical Gig Setup


Marshall AVT150 Combo (AVT112 extension cabinet if needed) 
AKG Guitarbug Wireless 
VOX Wah-wah

Jay's Gear


Fender Vintage '75 Jazz Bass, Hipshot Detuner, Blue Steel Extra Light Strings
Fender '91 Precision Bass, Hipshot Detuner, Blue Steel Extra Light Strings
Michael Kelly Dragonfly Fretless Acoustic Bass, Hipshot Detuner, S.I.T. Silencer Strings


Carvin 1200W Stereo Amplifier  
Trace Eliot 4 x 10 Speaker Cabinet 
Bugera 1 x 15 Aluminium Speaker Cabinet


BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer
Digital Reference Wireless Transmitter
Furman M-80X Power Conditioner
Korg DT-1 Rack Tuner

Joe's Gear


Alesis QS-7, for amazing lead sounds
Korg CX-3, Best Hammond B-3 Simulator on the Market 
Kawai K-4, for pianos 
Korg Triton Extreme 88,  for insanity 
Roland RD-300SX Digital Piano


The Motion Sound Keypro KP-200S and the KP-200S slave 
Two BBE -462 Sonic Maximizers in stereo for a full, fat and clean sound. 
Roland stereo volume pedals 
Korg damper pedals

Typical Gig Setup

CX-3 and Kawai K-4